FSL "Cupcake" Earrings
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FSL "Cupcake" Earrings

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Size: Fish Hook .8" tall, Cupcake Charm .93” (w) x 1.44” (h)

Material: Stainless Steel Hook, Pink, Red, Yellow Satin Embroidery Thread, Rubber Backs

Cupcakes, that delicious, sweet baked good so many of us love!  Now you can wear the food that you enjoy.  Our cupcakes are great for bakers, sweet treat lovers, girly girls, and so many more.  

These classy, yet casual cupcakes will put you at the center of attention with their adorable cuteness!

 *Each pair of Free Standing Lace earrings is crafted on my embroidery machine and made with water soluble stabilizer.

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