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FREE Shipping on orders $75+ U.S. Orders Only
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About Us

Hi and Welcome to our site!  We are a family owned business working hard to build a self sustainable life.  As a husband and wife team, we work together to bring one of a kind items to our site.  

I (Tammy) have been an avid sewist all of my life, learning from my granny and mother.  Growing up, I helped with quilting, dress making, and applique work.  Now as an adult I have taken what I have learned and added to it.  My specialty is making bags of all kinds along with embroidery work.

My husband (Mike) has found a passion for woodworking and creates all of my earrings and necklace charms.  He also specializes in sign making, laser engraving, and so much more.

Our dream is to build our business and pass it on to our only child!  Living on a 7 acre homestead and being a homeschooling family, we have a great opportunity to build a self sustaining life that we can pass down to generations to come.