About Us

Hi and Welcome to FNM Creations!  We are Mike and Tammy Montgomery, from Southern Indiana.  Living in a small, rural community, we homeschool our son and work hard on our homestead.

I (Tammy) grew up learning how to sew, quilt, and craft.  Coming from a long line of creative ladies, making things was a large part of my childhood.  Both my mom and my granny made anything from clothes to quilts and everything in between.  As I got older I began to value the lessons that they taught me and now work hard to expand my creativity so I can bring unique items to all of you!

My husband (Mike) grew up very interested in electronics.  This desire and passion has led him to getting very creative with his different machines.  He has learned how to do many things that include making items out of wood, leather, and different composite materials.  With his CNC machine he can engrave, cut, burn, and so much more.  He's also gotten very handy with his 3D printer.  He's learned to make different kinds of toys, whistles, stands, and more.

Our son stays busy with tending his pets, learning all about the world through homeschool, playing with his toys, watching cartoons, spending time on his computer, and reading!  

We are also travelers when we aren't doing something around the homestead.  Since we homeschool, we pack up our camper and take off to wherever our hearts desire.

FNM Creations was an obvious step for us so we could bring our creativity to life.  As unique individuals we love bringing unique items to everyone else.  Quality is something we strive to bring to our clients.  So when you purchase from us you can be sure that you're getting a quality item that has been carefully crafted and inspected to meet our standards.  For the items that we outsource, such as our shirts and bags, we carefully inspect each of them to make sure they meet our qualifications before we put our own creations on them.  I absolutely love embroidering and doing custom vinyl.  Mike has gotten incredible when it comes to creating our vinyl designs.  However, as of right now all of my embroidery images have been purchased from only high quality digitizers and sites.  My current favorite website for my embroidery images is Designs by JuJu.  They have an incredible selection and some of the best quality work that I've seen.  My earring designs come from various places like Embroidery Library and Etsy.

Thank you for coming by our site!  We hope our unique items are just what you're looking for.